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Welcome to Underground Ozarks, a site all about urban exploration in the Ozarks area. You'll find information and pictures of abandoned places, sewers and drains, ghost towns, and more. If it's in the Ozarks area, or just close enough to drive to, and you're not supposed to go there... We'll get it on the site eventually.


04-19-06 Falstaff Brewery No. 10
04-16-06 Updated Rush and Rush Gallery
12-14-05 Monte Ne
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11-08-05 Mini-Site Redesign
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08-31-05 Underground Barbecue
08-08-05 Nike Battery KC-30
06-11-05 8th Street Tunnel
05-16-05 Carthage Underground
05-14-05 Site Redesign
02-25-05 Dinky's
01-29-05 Mountain Inn
01-11-05 Holiday Island Tunnel
01-11-05 Updated How You Can Help
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12-24-04 Added Blog
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12-19-04 Erie Sinkhole
12-04-04 Added to Acid Tunnel

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