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Mound Valley, Ks (2 different houses and railroad tunnel)
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:30 pm    Post subject: Mound Valley, Ks (2 different houses and railroad tunnel) Reply with quote

Outside of Mound Valley, Ks is a house in the country that caught fire and partially burned. There is a barn further out on the property that was unharmed and very tall grass where a cornfield once stood. There is some old farming equipment in the barn, and the house is basically empty (nothing salvageable).

Anyone who is familiar with Mound Valley (tiny town), knows that all the locals give diretions from the flagpole that is in the middle of town. For numerous years the city didnt even have street signs, but now they do on most streets in town.

If anyone is out that way and wants to kill some time by looking at it would be glad to give directions to it. Also in the country (same road, but closer to town), is a railroad tunnel (not real long, but very dark).

I know the people who used to live on the property. There are no houses anywere near the property, and road being on a very old time country road is not traveled as far out as it is.
I also know of another house that is abandoned on the edge of town. There was a husband/wife who owned the house/property, but the wife passed away, and the husband moved into a nusering home. He still owns the property, but its not maintained. Some things in the house were auctioned off, but some items still remain in the same spots, when he moved out. The house is a 2 story house w/a barn on the property. Also, has an old time cellar on the property, and well. The house is not locked, because he like some others in the town didnt believe in locking thier doors.

Contact me for directions.
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